Westlake Financial invests in employee development and growth



LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Westlake Financial Services recently launched another chapter of the Westlake Certification Program for employees wishing to broaden their skills for possible career advancement.

Westlake’s certification program consists of four levels that participants must complete in order to receive certification. Over nine months, weekly courses cover data tools, communication, culture and environment, and leadership. Each class is led by a subject matter expert from Westlake Financial Services and is typically a manager, director or executive. In addition, individual participants are matched with a mentor within the organization who devotes a minimum of four hours per month to assist the participant with individual and group assignments, presentations, and homework throughout the program.

“This program was designed to provide employees with opportunities for growth, one of Westlake’s core values. An on-site learning opportunity to help employees improve their skills is just one of the many benefits of working at Westlake, ”said Erika Angel, assistant vice president of human resources. “The program will enhance and develop skills while providing a launching pad for future Westlake leaders to learn the arts of business decision making, communication, team building and implementation planning.” Commented Robert Engilman, SVP / Chief Compliance Officer.

Westlake’s certification program is designed and overseen by Westlake’s Training and Business Development department, as well as a board of five of the organization’s leaders. “One of the company’s goals for 2017 was to offer employees a program with a focus on leadership development, so we reorganized the existing Westlake University program to include elements of culture, d ‘environment and effective communication’, commented Dennise Carrera, company trainer. “It then moved on to its own certification program promoting ethical behavior, managing organizational change, leadership development and self-improvement,” added Claudia Corleto, Corporate Training Manager.

This year’s program began in March 2017, with the first group of 19 participants on track to receive certification in December of this year. “We recognize the high level of effort required to complete this program. Dedication to professional growth, as well as juggling the responsibilities of full-time positions and life outside of work are paramount for success. We host a congratulatory lunch when participants complete each level, and we honor the best students in the program, ”concluded Bret Hankey, Executive Chairman of Westlake Financial.

The board will begin accepting internal employee applications via Westlake’s intranet for the 2018 Certification program during the first quarter of 2018. As a separate program, the company offers Westlake University to all Westlake employees as another learning opportunity. In the Westlake University program, employees can hone their skills in public speaking, Excel and SQL. Employees are encouraged to register for these courses via an email sent by Corporate Training each month.

About Westlake Financial Services: Westlake is a private Internet-based finance company specializing in the acquisition and management of subprime premium automotive retail contracts. Based in Southern California, Westlake is the source of indirect retail contracts through a network of more than 30,000 new and used car dealers across the United States.




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