Vinkovci Encouraging employment rate, high job creation potential


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September 5, 2021 – Vinkovci is by no means a place most people associate with the economy. Located in mainland Croatia and further east than the city of Zagreb, many perhaps mistakenly associate it with other mistakenly overlooked parts of the country that are rarely mentioned in a positive economic light. However, the employment rate in Vinkovci is very encouraging and entrepreneurs with job opportunities have their eyes on the city.

As Novac writes, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Vinkovci is the only city in all of eastern Croatia that is among the ten cities of the Republic of Croatia in terms of the number of employees per thousand inhabitants. Thanks to the support of the state and the city of Vinkovci, the number of entrepreneurs in Vinkovci is increasing day by day, and there are no more places in the entrepreneurial zones – that is why new ones are being built.

In a factory in Vinkovci, oak, walnut, ash and elm are cut, chopped and dried, they make wood products related to food service for hotels and restaurants, owner Dragan Zaksek said. for HRT. The most unusual boards and sets are designed by Borna, who plans to work with her father after graduating from high school.

Vice Bozic successfully runs a digital marketing agency and is looking for new employees. He currently has three employees in his agency and their goal, he says, is to grow his business and work for companies all over the world from Vinkovci.

Vinkovci’s employment rate is encouraging and eighteen companies are looking for more labor in the now full incubators, said director Josip Cacic. They are even willing to co-finance workforce training provided they commit to stay and work for them.

“We have a historically high number of employees, and that’s perhaps a bigger fact right now. Throughout this pandemic, we have felt almost nothing in terms of the number of employees, the gross salary has increased by over 1000 kuna and there have been over 1000 new employees, ” the mayor of Vinkovci, Ivan Bosancic, of Vinkovci’s impressive employment rate. .

Vinkovci also gives grants to entrepreneurs and their businesses, and they then offer higher wages to their workers. The two entrepreneurial zones have been filled and they now plan to attract foreign investors to the new one they are building and thus create even more new jobs.

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