The employment rate rises to 73.5% in December, unemployment falls | News


However, an economist pointed out that the figure for long-term unemployment rose last month.

There were 16,000 fewer unemployed people in Finland in December compared to December 2020. Image: Tiina Jutila/Yle

Finland’s employment rate trend rose to 73.5% in December, with 128,000 more people employed compared to the same month a year earlier, according to the results of the latest labor force survey published by Statistics Finland.

Figures from the calculation agency also revealed that there were 16,000 fewer unemployed people in Finland last month compared to December 2020. The unemployment rate therefore stood at 7.0%.

Statistics Finland defines an employed person as being between the ages of 18 and 74 who was employed during the last week of the year, and who was not an unemployed jobseeker registered with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, nor was performing conscript or civilian service roles.

Employment and unemployment rates can vary significantly from month to month, due to seasonal and other factors. Statistics Finland has compared trends with the same month in previous years, so that long-term developments can be observed.

In response to the latest Labor Force Survey, the Chief Economist of the Central Chamber of Commerce Jukka Appelqvist wrote on Twitter that job growth has been very strong.

However, he also noted that the situation for those in long-term employment remains grim, citing the report’s findings that the number of those unemployed for more than a year rose by 16% to more than 107,000. .


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