The employment agency wins a JCPS contract worth $ 250,000


The Johnston County Public School Board awarded a contract to a Smithfield employment agency to help fill the vacant babysitting positions. Since the pandemic, additional cleaning requirements have been placed on school guards, many of whom also fulfill the dual role of bus drivers. These positions are now more difficult to fill.

The JCPS Board of Directors voted to award a $ 250,000 contract to Mitchell Temporary Services to hire workers who can serve as both guards and bus drivers.

The request was made by Brooks Moore, Chief of Facilities and Construction. Officials said there was a huge need to supplement the on-call staff with temporary workers.

Brian Vetrano, Head of Human Resources at JCPS, said: “Mitchell’s temporary services are used to fill babysitting positions as they arise. It is difficult to give you an exact number on how many people this will help facilitate, as employment is based on need right now.

There are currently 180-1 / 2 custodial positions at schools in Johnston County. Recently 45 of the positions were vacant. Compared to a year ago, there were 25 vacant positions. Two years ago there were only 8 vacancies.

The contract was awarded by a 5-0 vote. Board member Mike Wooten recused himself from the decision. Council member Terri Sessoms was not present.


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