SunLive – BOP rugby launches an employment agency


The Bay of Plenty Rugby Union has announced the launch of a new employment agency.

Bayland Recruitment will provide temporary, term and permanent employment solutions while also aiming to support the growth of local small businesses in the Bay of Plenty rugby community.

The agency focuses on working with key partners who can provide jobs and provide good working environments for people.

“We have recognized the importance of adapting to the changing environment of rugby and sport and the way we have to operate to support our community,” said Mike Rogers, CEO of Bay of Plenty Rugby Union.

“By working collaboratively with local industry and using our network of clubs, we can play a role in addressing the challenges our region faces in finding talent for jobs in certain industries.

“At the same time, we can attract talent to our rugby clubs. The point of difference with Bayland Recruitment is that not only will we have a positive impact from an economic point of view, but we will also be able to support our community.

Ati Aaifou-Olive, General Manager of Courses and Experiences for the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union, who runs the company, is excited to collaborate with industries related to our game that have employment opportunities for our rugby community.

With labor shortages in the Bay of Plenty, Aaifou-Olive is confident that Bayland Recruitment will help grow many businesses.

“With 37 rugby clubs in the region, our connection with thousands of people is the most important in the Bay of Plenty and is also well connected nationally and internationally,” said Ati.

“By using our contacts in the community, we are able to grow our clubs and businesses by providing jobs for our club players, coaches, volunteers and families related to our game.”

Potential employees looking for employment can go to the Bayland Recruitment website, click on the “Register for Work” button and complete a simple online form. They will then be contacted by a Bayland Recruitment consultant to start the recruitment process.

Prospective employers can also register online to hire staff members for their workplace by clicking on the “Hire Staff” button.

They will then complete a quick online form before receiving further information from a Bayland Recruitment consultant.


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