Senate report calls for 5% employment rate for people with disabilities in Egypt


CAIRO – August 18, 2022: A Senate report has called for the inclusion of issues and questions of people with special needs as an integral part of Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2030.

The report took legislative and administrative measures to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy their natural right. It also seeks to activate articles of the constitution and articles of laws relating to the needs of people with special needs in Egypt as directed by political leaders, including the right to employment, by allocating 5% of employment opportunities. employment in institutions for them.

This came during recommendations in a report by the Energy, Environment and Labor Committee on a proposal submitted by MP Muhammad Al-Sayed Al-Salhi regarding the activation of the rate of 5% for people with disabilities, which was referred to the government to take the necessary measures. .

The recommendations also included the toughening of sanctions in the event of non-compliance with the application of the 5% employment rate, as well as the need for civil society institutions to participate in the process of accompaniment and support. people with special needs, and to integrate them into society and not marginalize them with the need to open specializations in schools and universities concerned with the training and rehabilitation of people with special needs for the market work.

The recommendations also call for activating the role of the media in raising awareness in the community about the issues of people with special needs and ways to deal with them appropriately.

The report emphasizes that defining the rights of people with special needs and focusing on their problems and issues is the first step towards providing high quality services, as people with disabilities have demonstrated a great ability to excel in all the sports, scientific and cultural fields, emphasizing the need to work towards the empowerment of determined people and their integration into society.

The report states that the Disability Rights Act No. 10 of 2018 provides that governmental and non-governmental agencies and any employer who employs twenty or more workers, whether they work in one place or separate places and regardless of or the nature of their work. , are required to appoint (5%) of the number of disabled workers, at least, who are appointed by the Ministry of Manpower and its administrative bodies.

The law also urged business owners to employ specified individuals in return for certain benefits and tax exemptions.

Representative Muhammad Al-Salihi, who presented the proposal with the desire, as stated in the report, said that the rights holders of the determined people always suffer to obtain their natural right, which is guaranteed to them by the constitution and the law. to get a job, despite their skills.

Adding that there must be a specific mechanism and follow-up so that governmental and non-governmental agencies are compelled to apply the 5% rate to achieve the right to those who are entitled to it, and for the State to rehabilitate the people with disabilities to work.


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