RTL Today – National employment agency: Unemployment rate remains stable at 4.7% in April


Around 14,300 job seekers are currently registered with ADEM, i.e. a fifth less than in April 2021.

In addition to the total number of job seekers, another 4,500 people are part of employment measures where they do not receive full benefits.

At present, the national employment agency registers a record number of around 12,700 job vacancies.

Nearly half of the unemployed are long-term unemployed, in other words people registered with ADEM for over a year.

According to the latest report, the top 10 positions most sought after by employers are:

  • IT studies and development – 245 positions
  • Accounting – 166 positions
  • Kitchen staff – 160 positions
  • Credit and banking risk analysis – 117 positions
  • Catering service – 108 positions
  • Secretariat – 104 posts
  • Financial analysis and engineering – 100 positions
  • Consulting in organization and business management – 100 positions
  • Accounting and financial audit and control – 89 positions
  • Legal advice – 88 positions

The professions listed above represent 30.9% of job offers in April.

According to ADEM, more than eight out of ten positions declared vacant in April were for permanent or fixed-term contracts, while one out of ten positions concerned temporary positions.


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