Preparation and development of federal employees among top priorities of boards of directors



Emergency preparedness and the development and support of the federal workforce remained top priorities in 2021 for federal executive councils, along with building partnerships among agencies, according to the councils’ annual report. .

The 28 FEBs nationwide are centered in major cities and some smaller ones with large federal populations, and are made up of executives from the various agencies in a region. They sponsor interagency activities including the Combined Federal Campaign, food and blood donations and, in 2021, coronavirus vaccine coordination.

During the year, the councils held six emergency preparedness exercises on topics including cybersecurity and business continuity with more than 1,000 participants and 36 training workshops with more than 2,800, according to The report. They also coordinated with state and local authorities during natural disasters and other special events, which in 2021 included hurricanes and other severe weather events, power outages, and protest activities, among others.

The councils also provided training opportunities to some 23,000 federal employees on topics ranging from managing virtual teams to preparing for retirement, sponsored alternative dispute resolution programs that resulted in 159 settlements, and sponsored employee award events and career fairs.

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