“Overpayment Determination” Letters Sent to Some SC Residents, State Employment Agency Explains What This Means


SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – While many Americans receive an unemployment check in the mail, some in South Carolina are receiving letters from the Department of Employment and Manpower saying they have received unemployment benefits to which they are not entitled.

A new twist in this story that we have been telling you about for weeks.

“This basically means that an overpayment determination was made on my UI claim,” said Cherise Parker, a Greenville resident.

Greenville resident Cherise Parker is one of the people who received a letter in the mail from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Manpower. She told us when she did it, she thought it was a mistake.

“When I got the refund option, it was a little over $ 100 more than my actual benefits, so I don’t even really understand how that happened,” Parker said.

But this is not a mistake. The South Carolina Department of Employment and Manpower said these overpayments are determined if records suggest that what was entered into the system at the time of someone’s initial claim request. ‘one does not match records, such as salary reports filed by their employer.

The state told us it has the right to recover the overpayment through future UI benefits.

But for Parker, she told us she didn’t know what to do next.

“It just says I have ten days to appeal,” Parker told 7 News.

She tried calling the state employment line, but said she hadn’t been very lucky.

And she is not alone. Spartanburg man Willie Hines told us he also had trouble reaching anyone.

“How do they help us when we can’t even get in touch with people? Spartanburg resident Willie Hines asked.

Ministry officials have already addressed this problem.

“Six weeks ago I think we were around 50 dedicated customer service reps, we are now well over 400,” said Jamie Suber, chief of staff at the Department of Employment and Manpower. artwork from South Carolina.

For more information on determining the overpayment, you can find general information about 7 News sent by a spokesperson for SCDEW here:

“An overpayment occurs when a person receives Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to which they are not entitled. The Department of Employment and Manpower (DEW) of SC classifies unemployment insurance benefit overpayments into two categories: non-fraudulent overpayments and fraudulent overpayments.

Overpayments are determined if the records suggest that what was entered into the system at the time of their initial claim request did not match the records, such as salary reports filed by their employer. This may have been entered in error and can be corrected by requesting a “No-fault Overpayment Waiver” with the form provided on our website at the link below. Or it may be that someone applied for regular UI benefits, said they were terminated from their job, but when we received the employer’s response, the employer corrected the reason for the termination employment or dismissal / dismissal, which would make them ineligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits.

There are so many factors at play with every claim. Overpayment is usually not just a matter of office, as we have made an arbitrary overpayment of benefits by accident, as the name might suggest.

Before sending the letter, an overpayment will be displayed at the top of the home page of the MyBenefits portal. It will show OVERPAYMENTS and a value if there is one. It will be empty if they do not have an overpayment on their request.

An overpayment notice letter will state the amount overpaid, include the penalty charges associated with the overpayment, explain why they were overpaid, and provide information about their right to appeal and / or request. a waiver of the overpayment.

We have additional information on our website here: https://dew.sc.gov/overpayments. “

You can also find a statement from the Chief of Staff of the Department of Employment and Manpower, Jamie Suber, below:

“The MyBenefits portal will always be the most up to date for information, but in order to ensure thorough communication, we send the same correspondence to applicants by mail. We encourage people to check their MyBenefits portal, and if the information on the letter is different from what is displayed at the top of their portal’s home page, please give us a call so we can check for you. We also have resources on our dew.sc.gov overpayment website that explain the process and provide any forms applicants may need. This is another resource that we strongly encourage everyone to explore.

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