Macau | The Employment Agencies Act will be a mess without the support of other amendments to the law – 3rd Standing Committee


Macau (MNA) – Several legislative changes regarding the Non-Resident Employment Law and the Immigration Law need to be made for the Employment Agency Law to work properly, according to the Chairman of the 3rd Committee Member of the Legislative Assembly (AL), Wong Hin Fai.

The law proposed that an employment agency not provide employment services to people who live in the city but are not residents of Macau, in which this law was originally intended to avoid the situation of tourists to looking for a job when traveling to Macao.

Many committee members want the government to provide a clear explanation of how local employers seek out non-resident workers in the future.

According to Wong, the current “Non-Resident Workers Employment Act” clearly stated that non-resident workers could be hired directly by local employers or through employment agencies, allowing employers and employees to search for labor and employment opportunities.

“First, for employers who don’t know how to hire foreign workers, it’s a real challenge for them to search for non-resident workers without the help of an employment agency,” Wong said, adding that “if this law really comes into force in the future, employment agencies will be practically meaningless in the city.

In Wong’s words, “In response, the government said there had to be further amendments to the law in order to deal with this labor agency law, the government’s original plan is to require a valid work permit for foreigners who wish to work in Macau before entering the city, otherwise they can only enter Macau with a tourist visa.

In Wong’s view, a change in the law regarding the Immigration Act is therefore necessary before this law on placement agencies comes into force in the future, adding that “If people need to have a valid work permit before they can enter the city to work, then the help of the Immigrant Service is a must.”

Additionally, the committee also suggests “that the government also revise the ‘Non-Resident Workers Employment Act’, which currently contradicts the Employment Agencies Act in terms of employment. »

In his opinion, the government must provide a comprehensive proposal for several amendments to the law before implementing this law on employment agencies, otherwise this law will only create chaos instead of actually helping workers. non-residents.


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