Jobs agency that posted ‘insensitive’ online adverts portraying housekeepers as commodities pleads guilty


The alerts underscore the need for agencies to refrain from “insensitive publicity” that casts the FDW in an “undignified light”, MOM prosecutor Vala M told the court.

She said MOM had sent such alerts on three occasions – July 16, 2014; November 18, 2016 and February 2 last year.

In mid-August last year, one of SRC Recruitment’s employees, Erleena Mohd Ali, 41, created a Carousell account under the profile name “maid.recruitment” which was linked to her email address. professional email.

Ms Vala said: “The purpose of creating the account was to make the biographical data of Indonesian FDWs available for potential employers to view.

“Erleena sought permission from the main incumbent of the accused company, Koh Seng Yeow…Koh informed Erleena that he had no objection to her being posted on the Carousell website.”

Erleena then posted the ads, featuring the maids “in a way akin to a commodity that can be bought and sold,” Ms Vala said.

Erleena was fined $20,000 last November and no longer works for the company which is located at LTC Building B at Arumugam Road, near Paya Lebar Road.

Apart from the insensitive advertisements, SRC Recruitment had also failed to ensure that its full name and license number were displayed on its posts on Carousell.

On Tuesday, Ms Vala told the court that the fact that employment agencies list their full names and license numbers is a necessary safeguard against unlicensed employment agencies.

She added: “This would not only allow potential employers to know and verify that the employment agencies they intend to engage are properly licensed, but would also ensure that the FDWs themselves are able to to verify with MOM that employment agencies are acting in good faith”.

SRC Recruitment is expected to be sentenced on April 16.


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