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The success of every business is highly dependent on employee development. Your team is able to keep abreast of industry trends, to ensure your business doesn’t get left behind by your direct competitors. In addition to attracting the best talent within your industry, ensure that your company’s learning and development culture keeps them on board for as long as possible. We know, however, that the process of designing and implementing such a program is not easy. In this blog, we’ve put together a list of employee development ideas so you can help your employees grow.

Ensure a positive onboarding experience

A great onboarding experience can make all the difference. There is perhaps no better or more effective way to impress your new employees and encourage them to stay with your company for a long time.

For starters, start talking with your new hires immediately after they accept your job offer. You also need to let them know your company’s vision, values, guidelines and expectations. By using modern technology, you can also improve your employee onboarding experience. To do this, you must opt ​​for an LMS with an intuitive and advanced interface. You can use its various features to involve innovative tools and other integrations in developing attractive onboarding materials, rather than just providing long and boring PDFs.

Training your current employees

It is important to continue employee development after onboarding. When it comes to protecting your human capital, regular training is absolutely necessary. Be sure to maintain a culture that encourages creativity and advancement. This will ensure that the workforce remains relevant to current technologies and trends. Ultimately, it is designed to improve your business brand and reputation, which in turn leads to greater success and long-term gains. You can rely on eLearning to train existing employees as it is an efficient and cost-effective method available to you. Some e-learning platforms, such as Accord Software, Thought industries, and many others provide a range of options for sharing and managing courses in an online environment. With LMS, learning can happen at its own pace. Learners can access resources whenever and wherever they want using computers, tablets and smartphones.

Embrace Microlearning

No matter what you think, lengthy modules, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, and all-day lecture sessions just don’t appeal to modern audiences. You will waste time and effort by bombarding your employees with too much information, especially when there is no follow-up. This way, your learning standards will decrease over time. In other words, if you want to improve the employee development program, leave the old methodologies behind. Instead, adopt advanced techniques to reduce the process of forgetting. With microlearning, you can package overwhelming information into digestible bites. They are easy to assimilate and remember. Microlearning allows learners to effectively complete their training in a short time instead of hours or days. Since the content won’t be too overwhelming, they’ll be more likely to complete it and retain the knowledge.

Consider a mentorship program

A mentoring program generally has two main goals. New hires benefit because they quickly adopt and familiarize themselves with company values, guidelines and methods, which helps underperforming employees reach their full potential. It will be simple to learn from a mentor. The mentor shares his experiences and knowledge and closely supervises the participant until he can work independently. Mentors will also benefit, not just participants. You will also develop your mentor’s leadership and communication skills throughout this process.

You can also discuss various elements of your business operations and frame it between different departments. By understanding how your organization works, you can create an opportunity for them. They will develop skills and knowledge that will help them become more efficient in their daily activities.

Encourage your best students

You can motivate your employees with rewards and prizes. This can improve their performance and help you develop your employees more effectively. The more rewards and prizes they know they can receive at the end of their learning journey, the more they will strive to learn and improve. Having competition on your team will also motivate them. Thus, engaging them even more, rather than just giving them reading homework. There are many ways to reward your employees. Rewards may include cash bonuses, discount coupons, gift cards or electronic gadgets. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, you can also give your employees non-financial gifts, like a handwritten note.


A range of employee development activities prepare employees to deal with difficult circumstances and unexpected situations. Employees are constantly looking for new skills and learning opportunities. Consequently, employees are more likely to trust their organization when they see that there is an investment in their training. Employee development will also help the organization retain its employees.

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