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The United States government is a massive employer and is always on the lookout for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of vacancies in locations across the country. Below is a summary of the qualifications for an active and open DOJ job listing. The opening is for a Human Resources Specialist (Employee Development Specialist) in Ashland, Kentucky. Do not hesitate to browse this vacancy and contact us with any questions!

Human Resources Specialist (Employee Development Specialist) – Ashland, Kentucky
Justice, Bureau of Prisons / Federal Penitentiary System, Ministry of Justice
Job ID: 249861 Start Date: 04/24/2020 End Date: 05/15/2020

Summary of Qualifications
How do I qualify for this position? To be considered for the position, you must meet the following qualification requirements: GS-07 Education: One full year of graduate study OR superior academic results. GS-09: Masters or equivalent graduate degree OR 2 full years of progressively higher level graduate study leading to such degree OR LL.B. or JD, if related. Graduate education must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to do the job of the position. OR Experience
One year of specialized experience equivalent in difficulty and complexity to the next lower level of the Federal Public Service. Specialized experience is the experience that has equipped the candidate with the particular qualifications to successfully perform the duties of the position, and this is usually related to the work of the position. Here are some examples of this qualifying experience: GS-07 Experience evaluating training materials prepared by the instructor, such as plans, texts or documents.
Experience in planning lessons based on availability of classrooms, equipment or instructors.
Experience obtaining, organizing or developing training procedure manuals or course materials, such as handouts or visual aids. GS-09 Experience in designing, planning, organizing or leading employee orientation and training programs.
Experience in presenting information using a variety of techniques or instructional formats, such as role plays, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos or lectures.
Experience in selecting and assigning instructors or suppliers to deliver training. OR Combination of education and experience GS-07 and GS-09: Possess a combination of education and experience. This experience should have equipped you with the necessary qualifications to perform the main tasks of this position described above. Where applicable, credit will be given for both paid and unpaid experience. To receive proper credit, you must indicate the actual time (such as the number of hours worked per week) spent on the activities. ** Your eligibility will be based on your answers to the application questions. **

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