HS2 wins Gold Award for Employee Development


HS2 Ltd received the Gold Award from the 5% Club for its investment in people and their continued development.

The 5% Club’s 2021 Employer Audit Program recognized HS2’s commitment to developing employees through ‘earn and learn’ programs.

These programs include the annual admission of HS2 into apprenticeship and graduate programs.

During the life of the project, HS2 has committed to creating 2,000 apprenticeships and has already welcomed more than 650 new apprentices.

HS2 was selected for the award for improving employment and career prospects of young people.

HS2 believes the award serves as recognition of their commitment to helping young people reach their potential.

Karen David, Talent and Development Manager at HS2 said: “We are delighted to have won the Gold Award.

“[The award] recognizes our year-over-year commitment to honing the skills of the next generation of professionals in the rail and construction industries.

“Our investment in ‘skills for life’ is helping to close the skills gap.

“To create a future talent pool that will thrive and benefit the UK economy for decades to come. “

The 5% Club has 600 employer members who are taking action to provide inclusive and accessible workplace training.

Mark Cameron OBE, Managing Director of the 5% Club, explained how the award recognizes HS2’s commitment to employee development.

Mr Cameron said, “We have set out to create a program that recognizes the efforts of all employers who invest in their workforce.

“Through a wide range of workplace learning programs.

“It’s fantastic that in these difficult times HS2 Ltd has been able to engage in employer auditing.

“Their efforts and achievements are to be applauded. “

HS2 recruits new graduates and apprentices every year and will open the recruitment window for 12 new graduates next month.

25 other apprentices will be recruited in February 2022.


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