Get hired through a North York employment agency


Search professionals or headhunters are terms used interchangeably to refer to recruiters. These people offer their services to employers by searching for talent on their behalf. Some of these recruiters work through a North York employment agency, while others work independently from their clients.

While working with employees, they give them a significant boost in their research. Therefore, it is a good step to connect with recruiters while actively searching for a job to take advantage of these benefits. Of course, job seekers cannot match all recruiters and it is up to them to be specific about how they wish to benefit from such North York employment agency services.

1. How to find recruiters and research companies

Job seekers can use different methods to find recruiters and start profiting from their placement services. They understand:

Using a directory

Directories are available online so you don’t have to go back to the old fashioned way. Job seekers can use them and search for recruiters working with an employment agency in North York. They can also be searched by specialty or industry.

Search on google

Google search is probably one of the easiest searches online. When searching for employment agencies in North York using this method, simple terms such as “recruiters in my area” or “executive recruiters in my area” can bring you a list of recruiters who have put their services online. . You can then continue to narrow them down to your desired industry if you are looking for a specific role.

Ask for recommendations

The recommendations go far and never disappoint. Ask your friends or people who have benefited from these services for their experience and their recommendations to satisfy the providers. Don’t let the recruiter know that you are collecting information about them to avoid starting with a bitter touch.

Using LinkedIn

The platform is growing in popularity every day. Although it is a social network, it attracts professionals to the site and recruiters take advantage of the advertising features available. Job seekers can try to search for specific searches for keywords such as “recruiter” or “company search”

Then they can refine their search by choosing to get searches from “people”, “posts” or “jobs”. Another cool thing about using LinkedIn is that job seekers can choose to see results based on when the posts were posted. From the search results, a job seeker can contact the hiring manager directly or use the address provided to apply for positions.

Consult the professional association’s resources

Some recruiters working with a North York employment agency may be contacted through professional conferences and staffing vendor tables that job seekers can take advantage of to ensure they connect with candidates at a level staff. Make sure you have set your expectations and know exactly what position you are looking for.

Help recruiters find you

Creating a LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to get contacted by recruiters these days. Make sure you have a solid and compelling profile that will draw people to you. Remember to say that you are open to work so that recruiters can easily contact you. Approvals and recommendations give strength to your profile.

Besides LinkedIn, you can create a profile and upload your CV to job boards such as Indeed and Monster. Recruiters review these resumes and select the candidates they deem appropriate for the position they hold.

How to secure your ideal recruiter

Do not send your CV to all recruiters

Building a strong relationship with North York employment agencies increases your chances of landing a job. You obviously can’t have good relationships with all recruiters in your area. Thus, it is advisable to identify two or three recruiters that you keep in contact with regularly for updates.

Dress to impress

Recruiters are impressed by candidates who demonstrate professionalism from their first contact. Dress professionally to show them you’re serious about your job search when they invite you for an interview.

Ask the right questions

Don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions, thinking the recruiter will be bored. Instead of letting the recruiter speak, find a good time to ask questions, usually when an opportunity is presented to you. However, do not interrupt the recruiter while they are talking.


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