German employment agency not required to advertise job vacancies in red-light districts, court rules | News | DW


The social court of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate ruled on Friday that the German Federal Employment Agency is not obliged to publish job offers from the erotic sector or the sex industry. .

The agency runs a large online job portal that posts jobs across the country, but ran into legal trouble after it removed job postings from a red-light establishment in the town of Speyer .

The erotic business owner took her case to court after saying the agency had taken down her account and ads for female bartenders and receptionists.

The court said in its ruling that the agency was generally permitted not to post erotica-related job postings on its platform based on the site’s terms of service.

The agency argued that the deletions were made to protect young people and other users of its website.

“Even the changes in society have not yet led to prostitution being considered like any other profession,” reads the decision.

The case can still be challenged before the German Federal Social Court.

Prostitution has been legal in Germany since 2002, but social stigma still plagues sex workers.

Last year, the upper house of the German parliament passed a new law to combat human trafficking and forced prostitution. Under the law, clients who knowingly use the services of forced prostitutes can be punished unless they report the matter to the police.

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