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Michael Formica, Director of Facilities Management Command-Europe, and Colonel Lance Varney, Commander USAG Bavaria, discuss with Felix Wolf his experience using the learning program at USAG Bavaria during the Culture C Service …
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GRAFENWOEHR, Germany ─ The management and employees of the US Army Garrison in Bavaria gathered here at Tower Barracks on April 12 for the opening of the first cultural service center in Europe.

“Today’s opening marks the culmination of something we have been thinking about for over a year,” said Col. Lance C. Varney, commander of USAG Bavaria.

The center is a product of the USAG Bavaria leadership, the customer service mission of the Garrison Human Resources and Facilities Management Directorate. Through the center, the Garrison continues to augment IMCOM’s Service Culture initiative, which focuses on six elements: integration, recognition, training, leadership workforce engagement, communication and a sense of empowerment. membership.

Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl, IMCOM Commander, describes the initiative as a way to improve the level of customer service and instill a culture of service excellence in all aspects of the order. It “is designed to ensure that our employees are prepared and empowered to deliver service in the best possible way”, and to create excellence in customer service.

“It’s a way to invest in ourselves when it comes to our professional development,” Varney said. “I believe this center will pay dividends that will affect not only our community, but also the investment in every individual in this garrison.”

“There are workforce development offices in Ansbach and Wiesbaden, but there was no service culture center to provide all these workforce opportunities in one place in Germany. or in Europe, ”said Dominik Farnbauer, Workforce Development Assistant.

He added that the management of USAG Bavaria called the program a spark plug to emulate for other garrisons in Europe.

The center offers programs for current U.S. national and local employees, including customer service training, information sessions for newcomers, leadership and professional development plans, career planning, system support. ‘civil education, annual compulsory training and apprenticeship and internship program partnerships for German schools and universities.

The military offers a wide variety of training and development opportunities. This center provides one-stop resources and opportunities for career advancement, said Tina Shingle, Workforce Development Assistant.

“The advantage is that people can train and develop to achieve their goals or interests. This is our goal,” said Farnbauer.

The center plans to provide services to around 1,600 people working at USAG Bavaria.

Farnbauer added that although the main center is located in the Barracks tower, employees of Garmisch and Hohenfels will have access to a space with information resources and contact details. Center employees also work on possible monthly or bi-monthly visits to these facilities.

Employees are encouraged to tour the center and take advantage of the resources, as well as make appointments with the Workforce Development team.

The center is located in the building. 621 on Tower Barracks and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.



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