Europe – German police suspect Dutch employment agency executives of exploiting migrant workers (NL Times)


May 09, 2022

German police and judiciary suspect two executives of a Dutch employment agency of housing mostly Romanian workers in dilapidated, neglected accommodation at exorbitant rents, reports NL Schedules, citing a German police report. The report came after police raided eight buildings rented by the Dutch employment agency to migrant workers from Eastern Europe in the Kleve region near Nijmegen in Germany.

According to German justice, the Dutch suspects abused the precarious financial situation of Romanian workers. They also took advantage of the workers’ lack of language skills. Suddenly, according to German justice, migrant workers had no choice but to accept the accommodation offered to them at far too high rents. Justice and the police began on Sunday to have the living space of Romanians checked by an expert in the field of construction and housing supervision. Everyone involved is also interviewed and evidence is collected.

German government agencies also checked six large migrant worker shelters in Geldern and Emmerich in mid-February, which involved Bulgarians and Romanians working in the Dutch meat industry. The fire safety in the controlled accommodation in Geldern and Emmerich was insufficient, there was mold, missing electrical installations and other structural defects. The employment agency has not been named.


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