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For new employees, “learning the ropes” can be a challenge. So leaders of the Defense Logistics Agency’s troop support industrial materiel supply chain have found a way to help some new hires succeed.

Developed in 2018, the training arm of IH’s material planning took inspiration from IH’s technical and quality division and helped standardize training and ‘build the bench’ of trainees and employees more qualified and better informed in the Pathways to Career Excellence program, or PaCErs.

It all started when Andrea Woodring, former head of IH’s material planning division and developer of the training branch, noticed differences in the speed of knowledge absorption and the depth of information obtained by trainees. and PaCErs in relation to trainees and PaCErs in the training branch of the Tech / Quality division.

“[Planners] were all trained differently, ”said Woodring. “I wanted everyone to learn things the same way – the DLA method – first… and for the most part it was a great success. “

To achieve this, Woodring secured the buy-in of its management and material planning team to internally reorganize its division and create the new training branch for all interns and PaCErs in its division. To lead her new branch, she chose Susan Hill, an oversight inventory management specialist.

“I thought it would be a really good fit for me to be a new supervisor,” Hill said. “Having just come from planning materials into construction and equipment, my knowledge and experience was something I hoped I could easily transfer. ”

Hill said the training branch provides a more comfortable learning environment where collaboration is encouraged and where peer-assisted training builds skills and builds the confidence of senior trainees and PaCErs.

The current PaCEr material planners and the trainee group agree that the format has helped.

“We’re all at different knowledge levels, so we’re all in a position to help,” said Alyssa Greco, PaCEr in material planning in Hill’s training arm. “It’s important. It really helps the training.

The new branch still uses the PaCE training guide to ensure core tasks are covered, Hill said. But under focused leadership instead of individual trainers with differently prioritized workloads, they can shift the order of tasks and learn together as mission priorities, such as supporting nuclear readiness systems. fighter planes show up.

The material planner, Stéphanie Nguyen, was PaCEr in IH before the formation of the training branch, and she is now part of it. She says the group of trainers, the emphasis on consistent training, and workload management made the training experience more positive.

“It’s a good balance,” Nguyen said. “You are certainly learning things that you haven’t learned before. “

Other Pacer outside of IH have also noticed the difference.
“When we start answering questions in our PaCEr courses, a lot of people ask, ‘Are you on Susan’s team? “,” Said Greco. “They sort of see… we’re so much further along. “

Although the Material Planning division is not the first division of IH to take on this challenge, Jose Pereira, Head of the IH Tech / Quality division, is hopeful that this will become a trend.

“We have reorganized Tech / Quality to try to provide stronger PaCErs – to build our bench and provide a solid foundation training for future DLA leaders,” said Pereira. “I am happy that materials planning continues to work and can only hope that it will expand to other supply chains. Maybe even other DLA locations.

Hill and his team are pleased with the training division’s results and look forward to applying the lessons learned to the next group of employees.

“I have a feeling that with the next group it will be even better,” said Nguyen. “We have come a long way.”

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