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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Blair County commissioners on Thursday approved a deal with an employment agency to address their labor shortage.

Currently, the county has over 90 vacancies across all departments. This agreement will be made with the local interim-to-hire agency Manpower.

Commissioners Vice-Chair Laura Burke said this agency is supposed to get people in the door. This will also serve to lighten the load of current employees within specific departments who are doing busy work in addition to their normal work.

“We hope to use the temp agency to attract people,” Burke said. “Fulfilling some of the roles which are the basic tasks which don’t require a lot of training but which staff have to do to replace other people.”

The Department of Child, Youth and Family Services first pitched the idea to the commissioners since their department has the most vacancies. Human resources director Katherine Swigart said she contacted the agency about a month ago. She noted that this agency would be able to recruit people in a way that her department would not be able to.

“They have the people database,” Swigart said. “They have people who would think of them when looking for work and advertising and would be able to build their database at the same time. It’s a win-win. »

The CYF department plans to use the services as soon as possible. This agreement has no end date or lump sum cost to the county. It is now up to the departments to decide whether this agency will be beneficial to them and not to fight their budget.

“Most likely a conversation between me and the person hiring to find out what you are looking for? Swigart said. “What have you tried so far? Honestly, what does your budget support? Does your budget support it? try it?

However, the county plans to continue using its recruiting tactics in place. The ultimate goal is for these temporary workers to become permanent workers.

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“I think maybe not everyone sees as much interest in their open positions or getting people to show up for interviews and complete the process,” Burke said. I think if we develop some familiarity with people who might be looking for a job, we will be able to fill them permanently.


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