Avenue Growth’s COVID-19 response strategy aims to increase employment


According to data released by the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE), the national unemployment rate in the country hit a four-month high of almost 8% in April. This rate was 6.5 in March. At present, the situation in India looks tense as we are seeing more than 3 lac cases per day with nearly 4,000 lives lost in 24 hours. The unemployment rate is certainly rising due to state restrictions locally and it depends on how quickly we can control the second wave of COVID-19 which appears to be more deadly than the first.

In these trying times, some people are struggling to make ends meet. For many of them, eating a good meal in one day has become a difficult task. There are families to feed, medicine costs, school fees, etc.

“My mother is ill with an intestinal disorder that requires daily medication. Some days I couldn’t afford to buy them for her after I lost my job. Thanks to technology and Avenue Growth, I was able to start a career in customer service and earn a decent living to support my family,” says a man from Bengal, who wished to remain anonymous. .

While people and businesses were still recovering from the losses caused by the first wave, the second wave hit us harder. More than 70 lakh jobs have been affected, with several states imposing restrictions to contain the spread of the virus. During this time, it remains only to look for options to do freelance work. This is where Avenue Growth comes in. The company ensures that Indians get an easy and reliable platform to work and earn a decent income. Avenue Growth added 1,500 new customers and successfully delivered over 300,000 jobs. Over 70,000 qualified growth specialists have been added to the platform over the past few months.

Commenting on how Avenue Growth strives to increase employment opportunities, Rachit Mathur, Founder, CEO, said:

“At Avenue Growth, we are doing our part to repair the dent in the economy caused by the pandemic. According to the data we have reviewed, there are thousands of qualified people out of work and we want to be the platform that brings them to life. provides the right opportunities to earn a living.With our DIY model, freelancers can earn anything from 200-1000 per day. Moreover, you can withdraw it on the same day as there are serious cases of financial crisis these days. We seek to create a “work from home force” so businesses can grow with employees coming to work safely from the comfort of their homes. »

What is interesting to note is that the trafficking of women (housewives) as freelancers has seen a sudden increase. While balancing household chores and child responsibilities, women have now started to take control by learning different online skills and becoming growth specialists. Avenue Growth has also seen a steady increase in the number of women joining as growth specialists, and the founder has encouraged the movement.

Technology has been such a blessing to the world. A small restaurateur, a few years ago, could not develop his activity as he can today. It has become easy for them to now collaborate with apps like Swiggy or Zomato and reach as many customers as possible. There was even a time when you had to walk to a store to get your phone charged, and now even coffee can be ordered online. The fact is that technology has revolutionized the world around us and it is time to understand how we can benefit from it. Explore the internet and learn about freelancing options through reliable platforms like Avenue Growth and get started. Training and support groups are available, all you have to do is work and earn some money.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalists were involved in the creation of this content.


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