5 ways to improve employee development in your business


Employees want to feel their employers are committed to supporting their professional and personal growth. A concern for the development of your employees can lead to improved performance, increased loyalty and even strengthen your brand identity. Here are five ways to improve employee development.

Professional training

Formal employee training is required to convey critical business information and best practices. Orientation training should involve more than the technical aspects of the role. Topics should meet the needs of employees and provide easy access to the information and skills they need to do their jobs and maximize their engagement.

The acclimatization of new recruits to the corporate culture must be done in an almost organic way through regular interactions. Seminars and access to online learning on various topics can continually increase knowledge and skills.

Coaching and mentoring

Companies must encourage managers to become mentors. Many of them carry too much responsibility to have the time to pass on their knowledge, skills and ideas.

Managers with no coaching experience may be intimidated by the idea, but today’s employees want more than just someone telling them what to do. Getting into coaching can start by simply asking if an employee is facing any obstacles and offering to help.

Mentors who have already passed certain exams, such as the CPA exam, may be able to really help other people facing the exam by giving them strategies and techniques. Exam preparation for corporate employees can be very difficult in the face of the challenges of work and family life.


In a business ecosystem, management must consider the health of all teams to ensure success. By encouraging cross-departmental training, different teams can more clearly see the impact of their efforts and better understand how other teams work.

For example, a developer might learn by seeing what’s going on in a call center, and members of a CS team might learn by attending a Scrum meeting with a development team.

Soft skills development

Developing soft skills is just as important as acquiring the know-how to perform a task. Social skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and motivation all play an important role in business.

You might not think that it is as important to hire an expert to teach your employees how to communicate effectively as it is to teach them to code. However, these soft skills are essential for creating harmony within and between teams, enabling greater productivity.

Personal development

Employees need to develop physically, intellectually and emotionally and managers who support them help them do so. Healthy employees are the happiest, and offering them a gym membership or wellness benefit can help their physical health. Providing healthy food options is another big plus.

When people receive the support and training to advance their careers and the tools to do their jobs better, they feel supported. They are likely to feel more loyal to the business and perform better. Your reputation as a great employer can make the best candidates want to join your company.

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