Loan for 75 year olds

Many retirees find it very difficult to find a suitable loan. This is true even if you have a good credit rating and a considerable fortune. For most banks, the risk of premature death, which is also called biological risk, is far too great. For this reason, they will almost always reject a loan for […]

Financing for Apprentices

Financing for apprentices is undertaken by almost every bank. Banks have adapted to trainees and know that the educational salary is not very high. So there are numerous offers that are tailored to trainees. However, to be eligible for funding, the applicant must meet the bank’s terms and conditions. The credit default risk should be […]

Loan for Master School

Those who do not continue their education today will not get very far in their professional life. Our society and our lives are in constant change. This also applies to our field of activity at work. Anyone who can not adapt here and always tries to be up to date will fall through the grid […]